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Some of my favorite cover’s from one of my all time favorite books “Hack / Slash!”

Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl


Danzig, the SAMHAIN era…

Behind the scenes photos from Ghostbusters!

Some of my favorite cover’s from the Walking Dead comic, and the Walking Dead inspired Spawn #222

TMNT Universal Monster crossover figures! Two series were released, the first pictured is from 1993 and the second from 1994. Which one is your favoirte? I like the Leo Creature from the Black Lagoon myself…

I was looking at my account and realized that my most popular post was one featuring some of the classic Universal Monster Valentines cards, so here is more complete collection of said VD cards!

Pandering to my public FTW!!!!

How come no one puts out Holiday Comic specials like this anymore? Huh? Because stories about Batman saving Christmas or the Thing from Fantastic Four dressing up as Santa come of as cheezy and no one cares? Fine… I will take your word for it!

Ahhh the 1980’s really were a great time for Holiday themed slasher flicks! Here are a few picks from the 1984 classic “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” in which an orphaned psychopath goes on a murderous rampage dressed as…you guessed it! Santa Clause!